R E P A I R   T A P E

When damages arise...

you have a problem. Time to use the problem solver.

The no-residue SILICONE REPAIR TAPE fuses air-, pressure- and watertight within seconds. The tape is stretched and simply wound overlapping like an adhesive tape around the damaged spot. It is ideally suited for fast and permanently leak-proof line and cable repairs, harnessing or as a cable/plug guard or corrosion prevention for metals. Also great as grip tape for tools.
The transparent variant can also be used for subsequent markings, labels etc. Furthermore the SILICONE REPAIR TAPE is UV-proof and resistant to oils, mild acids and petrol and thus ideal as well for insulating or mending fuel pipes, water and cooling hoses – e.g. in case of vehicle breakdowns.
For pneumatic and hydraulic hoses we recommend a slight surface roughening around the defective spot. The repair tape is wrapped around the damaged spot under steady pull to make sure the tape will bond tightly.

Tear resistance: 4.1 N/mm²
Flexibility: max. 300 %
Insulation voltage: approx. 400 Volt at 1 mm material thickness
Temperature range: -55 °C...+ 250 °C
Pressure resistance: 5.5 bar

No tool box, household or vehicle should be without it.

Repair tape is excluded from our trial order service

W x L
24 mm x 3.6 m
24 mm x 3.6 m
48 mm x 10.9 m
48 mm x 10.9 m