P L U N G E R   V A L V E   A N D   F I N E   R E G U L A T I N G   V A L V E
7 M M   N O M I N A L    D I A M E T E R


Fine regulating valve FRV - throttle valve

Contrary to a pusher valve an infinitely variable adjustment of the nominal width and the air flow is possible with this valve by moving the curled sleeve all the way to 0. On the FRV1/8 the inside connection measures 1/8", and for the FRV1/4 it is 1/4". The max. nominal width is 7 mm. For the regulation of pneumatic cylinders.


Plunger valve FSV1/4" – 3/2 way

Axial movment of the black curled sleeve closes or opens up the air flow. An ideal valve to input and vent air on pneumatic lines. The connection pieces at the front and rear each have an inside threading of 1/4". The nominal width of 7 mm allows for a large flow volume.