D R I L L - C O O L E R   –   W A T E R   CO O L I N G   F A C I L I T Y

The costly hole

...in the roof tile

Every roofer knows, you simply can’t batter just as you please.
Drilling – well, that’s alright, but when your drill is dulled or broken after every fifth hole, this will cost you a pretty penny – and still much worse is the long drilling time.

What the drill needs, is water or cooling resp. Our water cooling facility DC... is laid quite easily. Fill the tank with water and bring it into place by hanging or putting it above the work zone. The fluid quantity can be precisely regulated with the fine adjustment. The benefit is more than enormous. For instance with the hip rafter, where every other shingle or beaver tail tile needs to be drilled, an 80% time saving was achieved in our tests. The whole day long two long hip rafters were worked on with the same drill.

On the pictures one can see the easy handling. At times water does work miracles again...

We don’t want to rat you out, so here’s our trial offer: as soon as you tackle a roof cladding, simply order the DC... cooling facility for a 10-day trial period.

The low net price of the DC03 Drill Cooler will pay itself off already after the first work day in the form of material and time savings.

Connection-ready complete sets:
Drill-Cooler incl. 3-litre tank B03EKH,
10 m transp. PVC hose S-PVC4 and
20 x 20 cm anti-slip mat DCARM
Drill-Cooler incl. 6-litre tank B06EKH,
10 m transp. PVC hose S-PVC4 and
20 x 20 cm anti-slip mat DCARM

Individual parts:
3-litre tank
6-litre tank
Anti-slip mat 20 x 20 cm
Transparent PVC hose,
4 x 6 mm nominal diameter